The first SLO/Assessment cycle begins with the development of SLO’s or student learning outcomes.  Then the department involved in the SLO’s develops an assessment plan, the purpose of which is to assess how effective the course or program is in helping students successfully attain the learning outcomes.  The participants in assessment(for example, the course instructors or members of the department) analyze the assessment findings and determine which changes to the course, teaching methodologies, or assessment tools would be most effective in helping students attain these goals.  Then their recommendations -- which, in addition to curricular changes, might include the development of additional courses; support for the courses, including tutoring; changes to course outlines; or other changes requiring administrative support -- are included in college planning, including the development of unit plans.  Finally, the participants use their findings to appropriately modify SLO’s and begin the process again.  At BCC, this assessment cycle should take no more than three years in all courses and programs.

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(Student Learning Outcomes)/



Develop or Modify Student Learning Outcomes for Course/Program

Develop Assessment Plan and Assess Based on SLO’s
Include  All Participants in Analyzing Findings
Recommend Changes to Courses/Programs

Include Changes in College Planning